A Horse That’s Made History

The Spanish Mustang is a direct descendant of the colonial Spanish horses brought over by the conquistadors and early explorers of America.

After leaving the nation, the Spanish left their horses and wild herds popped up all over the United States and Mexico, where they were eventually domesticated by Native American tribes throughout the continent.

These horses were incorporated into the lives of a variety of Native American tribes in the Southwest and Great plains. Their sturdiness, intelligence, and emotional awareness endeared them to riders and caretakers alike, and they became indispensable for hunting and war.

In the early 20th century, these horses were almost eliminated but, thanks to conservation efforts, have begun resurging on ranches throughout the nation.

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About The Spanish Mustang

These horses are truly unique. They evolved almost entirely outside of domestication, and this makes for a unique set of characteristics. Natural selection has ensured that these horses are strong and durable, without the problems associated with domestically-raised breeds.

They have a smaller stature than American Quarter Horses and stand between 13 and 14 hands high. They have shorter backs and stronger bones, making them more comfortable to ride long distances.

Because they evolved almost entirely in the wild, they are able to survive on less feed and grazing while still developing the musculature they need to sprint short and travel long distances.

Because their evolutionary path took place primarily in the wild, they’re an incredibly intelligent breed of horse. They also have an emotional awareness unparalleled by other breeds, and form lifelong bonds with their riders.

They’re beautiful, intelligent, and sturdy animals. If you want to learn more about them or schedule a visit, contact Copper Head Ranch Today.

A True Jack-Of-All-Trades

Because the Spanish Mustang wasn’t bred in captivity, it’s capable of doing a lot more than some other breeds.

It’s just as capable in competition as it is as a workhorse, and its smaller stature makes it easier for children to ride comfortably.

Where these horses really shine are on long-distance rides, where their small stature and endurance make them more comfortable than larger horses.

They’re also known for their intelligence and intuition. They build lifelong bonds with their riders, and those bonds grow to make riding a true joy.

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