Spanish Mustangs

At Copper Head Ranch

Originally brought to the United States by Spanish Conquistadors, Spanish Mustangs predominantly evolved in the wild on the Great Plains and in the American Southwest. They were fundamental to Native American life and prized by tribes throughout the United States for their tractability and endurance. They’re a sturdy, compact breed noted for their intelligence and emotional awareness. They develop lifelong bonds with their riders, so if you’re looking for a horse to grow with they’re perfect. If you’re interested in our Spanish Mustangs for sale in Texas, contact us today to schedule a visitation.

News & Events

We offer regular trail and charitable rides throughout the year. If you’re interested in learning more about Spanish Mustangs, this is the perfect place to start.

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About Our Ranch

Copper Head Ranch was founded because we love this breed and want to preserve their legacy and share that love with others.

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Horses For Sale

Spanish Mustangs are capable of performing any job you’d need a horse for. Look at our available horses ready for purchase.

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Adult Spanish Mustangs

Our adult mustangs are trained for halter, bit and bridle, and riding. They’re finished off site for 30 days and are ready for all-purpose use. By the time they’re adults we’ve gotten to know their personalities and we seek to match their inclinations with the rider or use you have in mind for them. Both geldings and mares are available.

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Young Spanish Mustangs

Raising a Spanish Mustang into adulthood is a rewarding experience. Their emotional awareness, intuition, and intelligence make them excellent companions for young and old alike. Copper Head Ranch has yearlings, colts, and fillies available should you want the opportunity to train your own horse.

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The Mission At Copper Head Ranch

When we founded Copper Head Ranch, it was motivated by our unconditional love of Spanish Mustangs and Colonial Spanish Horses generally. That love continues today. We raise each foal ourselves and by the time they’re adults, we know them as well as we might know our own children.

That’s why we’re dedicated to ensuring each and every one of the horses bred at Copper Head Ranch finds a rider and a home that will love them for who they are. We match our horses to potential riders to ensure that both can grow together. If you’re interested in visiting some of our horses to see if we have a match, contact us today to schedule a visit.